Daily Makeup Routine

I’ve had SO many questions lately about my daily makeup routine! I’ve changed up a few products in the last few months and I’m LOVING the result. My new foundation is like I hit the holy grail.
Here are the products I use:

FACE MOISTURIZER – Moisturizes without making me too oily. I love that its made with all clean products too!
FOUNDATION – It is unreal amazing! It’s full coverage but SO light. It’s actually a tinted moisturizer. You don’t have to use very much so it lasts a long time. I use THIS brush to apply it and I think if you want the moisturizer you need the brush. (I use the color Light)
CONCEALER–  I’ve heard SO many things about this concealer for years and finally tried it out. It lives up to the hype. I use THIS sponge to apply it under my eyes and down the bridge of the nose.

CONTOUR–  I’ve used this cream contour for years and I can’t find anything I like more. I use it in the hollows of my cheeks and to contour my nose.

SETTING POWDER –  When I’m wanting my makeup to last a really long time I set my foundation and concealer with this setting powder. It’s so light and doesn’t feel like anything but it takes away the shine.

BRONZER – I’ve used this bronzer for 10 years. It’s my very favorite. I put it where the sun would hit my face- Cheekbones, and hairline. I use the classic color medium. It works with my fair skin.
BLUSH- Hands down my favorite blush. The name is not my favorite (orgasm). I apply it just to the apples of my cheeks with THIS brush.
HIGHLIGHTER–  I have a deep love for this highlighter. It gives the perfect dewy look without being too much. I use THIS brush to apply it.
EYEBROW PENCIL-  This is my most asked questions! I use the color Taupe. When applying it I use small hairlike strokes and follow the natural shape of my brow.
EYESHADOW PRIMER– If I want my eyeshadow to last all day I always use this eyeshadow primer. It’s magic and keeps my eyeshadow looking perfect for 12 hours.
EYESHADOW PALETTE–  This is hands down my favorite eyeshadow palette and SO incredibly affordable. I love using warm tones because they make my blue eyes pop. I use a light warm brown all over, a dark warm brown in the crease and either the shimmery platinum or shimmery copper on my lid depending on the day (sometimes both!)!  I use THIS brush for the crease and THIS brush for the lid.
EYELINER- This is my holy grail eyeliner. I won’t use anything else. It goes on so well and somehow doesn’t budge at all alllll day.
MASCARA PRIMER- I’ve been loving this mascara primer and it seems to be helping my lashes grow!
MASCARA– I feel like I change my mascara every few months and still haven’t found my favorite. I tried THIS one and fell in love but it’s pretty pricey.
LIPLINER– This is my favorite lip liner. I love the texture. It’s very smooth.
LIPSTICK– My favorite lipstick is by Jaclyn Hill. She discontinued selling them but I’m hoping she starts again!

I love doing my makeup! I think It’s so fun! I’m really comfortable in my skin with or without it but I love how creative I get to be everyday!

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