DIY Built-In Laundry Bin Tower

Ever since we moved into this house I’ve wanted a laundry bin tower in our small laundry room. I knew it would maximize the small space and look beautiful! One day I decided to just go for it and build it myself! It was much easier than I was expecting!! It only took a day to get it done! I LOVE the way it looks and it is SO functional! Our Laundry Room magically feels larger!
Miter saw
Nail Gun
Countersink Drill Bit
Kreg Jig
Corner Clamp
Sand Paper
Caulk Gun
Paint, brushes, etc.
Does not include cost of tools

  Make a Base out of 2×4’s :  Cut 3 pieces to 19 3/4 inches and 2 pieces to 30 3/4 inches. Create pocket holes in the 3 shorter pieces and attach them to the longer piece (starting with creating the box and adding the middle piece after). Attach using wood glue and kreg screws.


Make a platform to the base using 2×4’s : Cut 5 pieces to 30 3/4 inches. Attach the pieces on top of the base by creating pilot holes with the countersink drill bit and using 2 1/2 inch screws.

 STEP 3:

 Make the frame of the Tower using 3/4 inch plywood: I had home depot cut the plywood sheets to size for me or you can use a table saw. The side pieces are 87” tall by 22” wide and our ceiling is 8 ft. tall. You will need to add inches for a taller ceiling. The top and bottom pieces are 30” by 22”.

Creat 5 pocket holes on the top and bottom of the side pieces (so 20 total). Use wood glue and a corner clamp to create a perfect 90-degree angle between a side piece and top/bottom piece. While the clamp is in place add Kreg screws to the pocket holes.

 STEP 4:

Add supports to the tower. Use the scrap pieces of plywood to cut 2 6”x 28 1/2” pieces and 4 3”x28 1/2” pieces. Add pocket holes to the ends of the 3” pieces and the ends and one side of the 6” pieces.

Using wood glue and Kreg screws for the pocket holes attach the 6” pieces to the top and bottom of the frame. Make sure the pieces are inset and flush with the sides/top and bottom.

Attach the 3” pieces using the same technique. Space the piece by measuring 18” from the bottom to the top of 3” pieces like in the photo. these pieces will support the shelves so the spacing is important.



Add a back to the cabinet using 1/4 inch plywood. Use a piece 30” by 87” and nail it to the back of the cabinet using brad nails.


Attach the frame to the base and wall studs, in the corners, using the drill, countersink bit and 2 1/2” screws.


Add 4 pocket holes to the sides of the Shelf pieces of 1/2 inch plywood 28 1/2” x 22”. Set the shelf on top of the pack support piece, level the shelf, and attach the shelf to the sides of the tower using Kreg screws through the pocket holes on the underside.


 STEP 8:

Add the Trim. Cut 1×2’s into two pieces 88 1/2” long. Attach them to the front frame using brad nails.

STEP 9: 

Cut 2 1×2’s to 27 3/4” and attach them to the top and bottom of the frame using brad nails.

 STEP 10:

Cut 2 1×2’s to 88 1/2” and attach them to the side using brad nails.

STEP 11:

Cut 2 1×2’s to 19 1/4” and attach to the top and bottom of the side using brad nails.

STEP 12:

Wrap the bottom of the tower with baseboards.

STEP 13:

Wrap the top of the tower with baseboard.

STEP 14:

Add trim to the shelf fronts using 1×2’s cut to 27 3/4” and attach using brad nails. Make top of the trim piece flush with the shelf.




 STEP 15: 

Paint, fill holes with spackle, sand and paint!


TA DA!!!!!
THESE are the baskets I use that fit perfectly on the shelves!








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