DIY Sandbox with lid seats

The girls have been asking for a sandbox for a while now and I finally built one for them!
Here’s a step by step tutorial so you can make one too!
We had this unused space under our deck stairs that I thought would be perfect for a sandbox! Nice and shaded and kind of unusable unless you’re sitting down. Perfect. I made my box the perfect size for this space. You can definitely edit this tutorial to any size you would like with a little math. 
Kreg pocket hole jig
Painting or staining Supplies

4- 1x10x8 boards
20- 1x3x8 boards
2- 2×4’s 
3 packs of 1 1/4 exterior screws
1 inch Kreg screws
4 Corner supports
8 Hinges
4 gate handles

This will vary depending on the size, but all in this cost a little under $200


Create a box- Use pocket holes on the ends of the short sides of the box.


Cut 3 boards to the length of your box (mine was 64”) and attach them screws spacing them 1/2 apart.


Cut 3 2×4′ pieces to 8 1/2 inches long and attach it to 3 more boards spaced 1/2 inch apart. I attached them from the bottom side of the graphic. Do this two times. Makes sure the 2×4’s are at least 1 inch from the outer edges so they can sit inside the box.


Set the seats you created on to the box with the 2×4’s hanging down into the box – keep the 1/2 inch spacing. Then use hinges to attach the screwed on 1×3 board to the seat pieces as shown above. 

 Cut 4 pieces of 2×4’s to 22 inches long. 
Create the back of the seat by laying 4 1×3’s 1/2 inch apart and then screwing 2 of the 22inch 2×4 pieces to the back placed about 4inchs in from the ends. Create 2 of these. 

Lay the seat backs you created onto the box with the 2×4’s laying on top of the box. Add hinges to the underside between the seat piece and the seat back (two on each side).

Add Gate handles to the top of the 2×4’s if you’d like!

I prepped the area by laying two layers of weed barrier down before putting the sandbox down. 

 TA DA!! 
I love the way it turned out!! Last minute I got a peg board and staked it into the ground beside it to hold their digging tools and I think its the cutest addition.
This sandbox is so functional and beautiful! If you make one please send me pictures or tag me on social media!!

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