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    Best White Paint Colors for Your Home

    It’s no secret that I love a bold accent wall, fun wallpaper, or a splash of color- but can you really beat the freshness and crispness of white in your home?  We have several areas of our home white- most recently, our new mudroom built ins.  I love the brightness that white brings to a room, and the blank slate it provides.  You can add absolutely any accents, decorations, etc without having to worry about it clashing!  Today I’m so excited to share the best white paint colors for your home!   When I started painting in our home, I didn’t realize how many “white” paint colors there were!  And…

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    The Best Pantry Organization Products

    I’m currently in the process of transforming my builder-grade pantry into the butler’s pantry of my dreams!! You can follow along with the process on my Instagram account @huntersofhappiness I’ve started moving all of my food into all the new storage containers that I purchased and have had so many requests for the links- I think a blog post will be the most effective way to organize them all! Here’s everything I got!   OXO Good Grips POP Containers The OXO pop-top storage containers were by far the most highly recommended and best reviewed! I got multiple sizes and still wish I had gotten more! I purchased the 4.4 quart,…

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    Seasonal Entry Table Decor

    One of my favorite areas of my home to decorate seasonally is our entry table.  It’s one of the first things you see when you enter our home, and I love to make it inviting.  Plus, it’s so fun to freshen it up each season! First of all, I like to start with a blank slate.  This set up works for in between seasons, especially throughout the summer months. Typically, I leave these 3 main elements when changing out seasonal decor- baskets, lamps, and the mirror.  Then, I add in elements for each season- colored blankets in baskets, garland, vases, florals, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the…

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    Neutral Christmas Decor

    I love neutral Christmas Decor! It is so calming and peaceful to me! This post is to help organize the links to all my decor items! I hope you find it helpful!   GREENERY GARLAND- I mix my greenery to create the garland. For over the mantel, I used these eucalyptus garlands (I used 2 of the two packs) , this faux cedar garland (I used 2 of these), and 1 of these cedar garlands from Walmart. I wrapped the eucalyptus and faux cedar garland around each other and laid that across the mantel. Then I cut the remaining garlands into pieces and draped over the front to create the fullness.…

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    Plaid Wainscoating in Half Bathroom

    I have a half bathroom in our house that was quite honestly boring.  I think most half baths are boring because of their size, and they don’t always get a lot of use.  If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram for long, you know I’m the queen of “extra”, and so I knew I had to do something in this room to make it “extra”.  My friend, Christine, did a complete makeover in Jordan Page’s office and I fell IN LOVE with her accent wall.  So I thought why not give it a try here! This project was WAY more tedious than I anticipated it to be.  Altogether,…

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    DIY Oversized Art

    Have you ever wanted a big piece of artwork that makes a statement, but can’t justify the price tag? Last summer, I redid my sister-in-law’s nursery.  One thing that was really important to her was that the nursery be portable in case they moved someday.  I was inspired by @withinthegrove when she made a HUGE piece for her living room.  So I decided to give it a try and made this custom oversized art! MATERIALS NEEDED 1×2 common board (or pine) 4X8 sheet of plywood Paint Sandpaper Wood filler Table saw or router Miter saw Brad nailer & nails DIRECTIONS Sand your plywood to your liking.  Paint the base layer. …

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    Coffee Table Styling Tips

      After I posted about our new coffee table a few weeks ago, I had a TON of requests for tips on how to style a coffee table. There are so many right ways to do it but I’ll share the tricks I use! There are 4 main things I play with when styling a coffee table (or any table really!) All of these areas fall under the bigger umbrella of color scheme, so make sure you have that nailed down before you begin 🙂 1. SHAPES I like to make sure I’m playing with a variety of shapes. If I have a round coffee table I like to arrange…

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    Farmhouse Kid-friendly Coffee Tables

      I have been searching for a coffee table for our new home since we moved in! The main thing on my list was it had to be kid-friendly- so no corners or sharp edges. And you know what? It was HARD. There we so many rectangular options but I really had to dig for round or upholstered options. I thought I’d share all of the ones I found and put on my list in case someone out there is looking for one too! THIS is the one I ended up going with! !function(w,i,d,g,e,t){d.getElementById(i)||(element=d.createElement(t),element.id=i,element.src=”https://widgets.rewardstyle.com”+e,d.body.appendChild(element)),w.hasOwnProperty(g)===!0&&”complete”===d.readyState&&w[g].init()}(window,”boutique-script”,document,”__boutique”,”/js/boutique.js”,”script”)

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    New Home

    WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE! 🎉❤️And moved and partially unpacked 😂 This house came out of nowhere and just felt so right💗 We moved in almost a week ago and it already feels like home! We’ve started making it our own (Scott is the real MVP for being the muscles behind all of my ideas). So many more ideas and dreams for this home! I feel so undeserving of such a beautiful home and beautiful life but I’m so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the blessings we’ve experienced 💗💗  I’ve had so many questions about where I bought this or that so I thought I’d put it all in…

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    Kitchen Nook

    This week we added a dining nook to our kitchen! We’ve wanted to do this since the day we moved in. The eating area in the kitchen is small and we knew that the way to get the biggest table and best use of the space would be a built-in bench tucked in the corner. I also love how cozy and functional it is! We found a local guy to build the bench and table to the exact measurements and look we wanted. (The bench lifts up and has storage in it!) I LOVED picking out all of the pillows! Here are the links to them.  Blue with Tassles Yellow Medium…