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Seasonal Entry Table Decor

One of my favorite areas of my home to decorate seasonally is our entry table.  It’s one of the first things you see when you enter our home, and I love to make it inviting.  Plus, it’s so fun to freshen it up each season!
First of all, I like to start with a blank slate.  This set up works for in between seasons, especially throughout the summer months.

Typically, I leave these 3 main elements when changing out seasonal decor- baskets, lamps, and the mirror.  Then, I add in elements for each season- colored blankets in baskets, garland, vases, florals, etc.
Let’s take a look at some of the different ways I’ve decorated it each season.

Christmas Entry Table Decor (2020)

? A Thrill of Hope, the Weary World Rejoices? When I was building these signs I was trying to figure out what to paint on the front one and these lines from my favorite Christmas song, O’ Holy Night, kept coming to mind- because I’ve been so weary. 2020 has worn me down in such a variety of ways. I need a thrill of hope and positivity this season!!❤️ I built these signs out of 1/4 inch plywood and 1×2’s. Only $30 to build both ? The detailed process is in my stories!

Christmas (2019)

Fall Entryway Table (2020)

Entryway Fallified (is that a word? I just made one ?) I made this swag today with garland and flowers from amazon and floral wire. And can you tell I have an obsession with pumpkins ??

Fall (2019)

Valentine’s Day (2020)

Valentine’s decorations are up in the entryway and I love how it turned out! I made the garland on the mirror all from amazon prime ?? (you can check out my tutorial in my stories ) I’m a lover of subtle, simple and pretty Valentine’s decor. I like that this isn’t too in your face red and pink. Do you decorate for Valentines Day?? I’m extra and love decorating for alllll the holidays ??? BONUS- this decor transitions into Spring really well- remove the heart garland, add some additional florals and you’re set!


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