Our Story

I came back from a study abroad in London, England and moved into a new apartment just southwest of campus. On the first Sunday of Church Scott apparently came up and introduced himself- but I don’t remember. (I know he really did because he remembers exactly what I was wearing)
Scott was going to ask me out on a date but his old roommate beat him to it. His old roommate and I started dating. Scott was confused. But, it was short lived. 
Scott started randomly coming over to my apartment to say hi, or to get a ride to church activities (even though he had a car haha) .  
Our first date was a surprise. We talked a lot, watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean, cuddled and then he fell asleep on me…. apparently it worked. 

When we got back from break, we were inseparable. 
He said “I love you” on the drive down to meet my parents. And I said it back. 
We decided we were getting married the night before I left to go home and he left to work in Virginia for the summer. 
I went out to Virginia to visit him and he surprised me by kneeling down in front of the Jefferson Memorial in D.C. (our favorite memorial) and asked me to spend forever with him. I was so impressed that he picked out the ring all by himself. 
Summer was rough being apart, but it made it that much better when we were together. 

Then we finally GOT MARRIED on November 16th 2012 in the Salt Lake City LDS temple. It was the most perfect day that there ever was… EVER! 

In February of 2015 we added our little boy Charlie to our family. He’s our little furbaby and we love him!
We live in pure bliss. No matter how good or bad the days are, they’re happy. We love each other and we love life.
That is our STORY…so far 🙂