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Hunters of Happiness Wallpaper Collection with Ayara

I am so excited to share my collection of wallpaper that I created with Ayara! It all started three years ago when I painted my first wallpaper in our home. What began as a personal passion has now evolved into something extraordinary: my hand-painted wallpapers officially launched, and I am thrilled to share this collection with you all! Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in my creative vision.

The Hunters of Happiness Wallpaper Collection

Let me take you through the collection. We have four distinct prints and a variety of colors, offering endless possibilities to transform your space. Each design is infused with the creativity and love that I pour into every brushstroke

Fairytale Wallpaper

The Fairytale Wallpaper is inspired by the mural in our playhouse, a whimsical scene with playful fairies  among vibrant flowers. Adapting this intricate artwork into a repeating pattern for larger walls was a challenge, but I am thrilled with the result. It’s a burst of colors and whimsy that my girls adore, and I’m sure it will bring joy to any space.

Lila’s Floral Stem

Lila’s Floral Stem holds a special place in my heart as the pattern that started it all, hand-painted in our little bathroom. Available in shades of blue, sage green, and taupe for those who prefer a more neutral palette, this design is timeless and charming.

Gracie’s Stripe

In my vanity area, I envisioned a classic striped wallpaper that would add sophistication without overpowering the space. Gracie’s Stripe achieves just that, available in blue, taupe, green, yellow, and a stunning pink that has captured my heart. Its simplicity is its beauty, a perfect backdrop for any room.

Jessica’s Floral Trellis

Inspired by a floral drawing I created shortly after my cousin Jessica’s passing, Jessica’s Floral Trellis is a tribute to her love for art and interior design. Naming it after her felt natural; it embodies her spirit and the joy she found in creativity. This design holds a special place in my heart and I hope it brings warmth and beauty to your home as it has to mine.

I am thrilled to see these wallpapers find their place in your homes!


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