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Simple DIY Projects for Beginners

Over the past year I have developed a passion for DIY.  Honestly, it was about this time last year that I picked up my first power tool and started building all by myself!  I’ve gained so much confidence over the past year in myself and my ability to do projects without help- but I still remember how overwhelming it was to start.  My best advice is to find a few simple DIY projects for beginners and just START.  I promise, with each little project you will get more and more confident in your own abilities too!

One of the hardest parts of starting is knowing which tools are worth investing in.  Power tools can be really expensive, especially if you are starting from scratch.  My best advice is to only buy the tools you need for the project you are doing. It is so important to remember when buying tools that they pay for themselves! Sometimes it seems like they are pricey but when you calculate how much money you are SAVING by doing the project yourself (and then the next and then the next…) they are well worth the investment. For example, I had to buy two big tools on my last DIY project. I was saying how expensive they were when my husband reminded me that we were saving over $2200 doing the project ourselves so spending $100 on a tool that made the project doable was very much worth it!

Project #1: DIY Wooden Lanterns

How adorable are these?!  Home Depot has really great tutorials for simple DIY projects, and these lanterns are the perfect accent piece for your home or an event (can you say DIY wedding?!) Click HERE for the step by step instructions!

Project #2: Christmas Tree Box DIY

This project comes from yours truly :).  I searched for the perfect tree box for my Christmas tree for so long, and finally decided to just build on myself!  I have 2 different versions for you- folding and non folding.  Grab the full tutorial HERE.

Project #3: Entryway DIY Shoe Rack

I think I speak for everyone when I say, “where are your shoes?!”  We’ve all been there, right??  This DIY shoe rack is simple and requires minimal tools.  And it’s so adorable!  Get the instructions HERE from Angela Marie Made.

Photo from Angela Marie Made

Project #4 Oversized Art

This is one of my all time favorite DIY projects- custom oversized art!  I made this piece for my sister-in-law’s nursery, but you can customize however you would like!  It definitely adds a “wow factor” and isn’t nearly as hard as you would think.  Learn how to make your own HERE.

Project #5: DIY Floating Wood Shelves

Anyone else have the ugly 2000’s wire shelving hiding in your closets?  Cara at Never Skip Brunch made these awesome faux floating shelves to cover hers and I’m obsessed!  So cute and such a simple upgrade!

Photo from Never Skip Brunch

Project #6: DIY Built in Laundry Tower

If you’re like me and have a hard time keeping your laundry caught up- this laundry tower is a MUST!  This was one of my very first solo DIY projects and it has made my life so much easier.  Click HERE for the tutorial!


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