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Classy Halloween Decor for 2023

As Autumn rolls around I love to transform my home into a cozy Halloween wonderland. I’m all about adding those fun, spooky touches to our space, and each year, I discover new treasures to make it extra special. So, here we are, and I’m excited to show you around! I’ve got snapshots of my house all decked out for the season, and even better, I’ve got the links to where I found each of these amazing Halloween decor items. Let’s dive in!

Fall Foliage Finds

My favorite part of fall decorating has to be the  foliage. There’s something  about the rich, warm tones and the cozy vibes it brings into our home.

This year, I’ve fallen head over heels for this stunning black pampas grass wreath – it adds a touch of mystery to the entryway. I love these fall eucalyptus leaves, with their muted greens and earthy browns, they create the perfect backdrop without being too much. The vivid red maple leaf branches that truly steal the show with their classically Autumn charm. 

Spooky Details

Around the house, it’s all about the spooky little details that make Halloween feel enchantingly eerie. Faux black feathered crows perch on lamps, adding a mysterious presence to our halloween decor.

I just couldn’t resist these cute skeleton hands forming a heart!

Black bats swoop from the fireplace. This is such an easy item to store and intallation is easy using painter’s tape! 

A striking black skull commands attention as a haunting coffee table decoration and our piano has a new “piano player” – a posable skeleton that serenades us with ghostly melodies.

In the kitchen, you’ll find hanging witch hats! These make such a huge impact and are super simple to hang using clear string and Command hooks.

These fun changes aren’t just about decorating; they’re about creating memories. I love to watch my girls’ eyes light up as they explore our spooky-themed abode. It’s these moments that truly make a house a home, infusing it with love and joy that lingers far beyond the season.


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