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Balloon Garland Guide

Balloon garlands are a tradition for every birthday in our home! They look so fancy and fun but are actually pretty easy to throw together! Here’s all you need to make your own balloon garland!

  1. Balloons- I like to get a variety of sizes – 12 inch, 10 inch and 5 inch. Colors are all up to you and your theme!
  2. Balloon Tape – This is the secret!
  3. String
  4. Small clear command hooks

First Determine your color scheme. I’ve done a variety over the years. Colorful, ombre, rainbow, and monotone. All are beautiful in their own way! If I’m doing multicolor I just try to keep from having the same color in a row.

Next Blow up your balloons. Invest in a balloon pump or blow tip for an air compressor. Your lungs will thank you!

I use the blowgun tip connected to my air compressor and blow up the balloons as I go. I do this so I can blow up each color to the size I’m looking for. I alternate sizes- mainly mediums, some larges spread out evenly and same with the small ones.
As you blow up your balloons attach them to the balloon tape by pushing/pulling the knot through the holes in the tape. 
I don’t focus on putting a balloon in every hole. Instead, I focus on making the garland full.
Once I’ve got the garland made to the length I want- It’s time to hang it!
Attach the command hooks to the wall- the number of hooks you need depends on the length of your garland. pretty much all of my garlands just need two hooks.

Then wrap a string around the garland, tie it in a knot and simply hook the string onto the command hook.
The last step is optional, but I think it makes the garland extra fun! I like to add in decorations, greenery or details! Gracie’s latest birthday I added in Butterflies and I love the way it turned out!

Butterfly Garland Links
Large Butterflies– They come on their own garland, I cut them off and then split them up. They worked perfectly!
Gold foil Butterflies– they come in 3 sizes. I used them in the garland and on Gracies Cake
Pink Balloons
Mint Balloons
Blue Balloons
Yellow Balloons
Purple Balloons


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