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Best White Paint Colors for Your Home

It’s no secret that I love a bold accent wall, fun wallpaper, or a splash of color- but can you really beat the freshness and crispness of white in your home?  We have several areas of our home white- most recently, our new mudroom built ins.  I love the brightness that white brings to a room, and the blank slate it provides.  You can add absolutely any accents, decorations, etc without having to worry about it clashing!  Today I’m so excited to share the best white paint colors for your home!

When I started painting in our home, I didn’t realize how many “white” paint colors there were!  And to be honest, the process of picking the best “white” white is super overwhelming.  It can be difficult to find a white that doesn’t pull any other colors- like a yellow undertone, or a dusty hue of gray.  So to make the process easier for you, I rounded up my absolute favorite white paint colors in a few different brands!

Why not just grab a regular white can of paint off the shelf?  The problem with that is you’re going to end up with a very stark white color.  All of these paint colors I have listed above will provide a more subtle, soft white.

With any paint color, however, I HIGHLY suggest you get a sample can and try it on your wall first.  No matter how beautiful a color looks online, or even sample chip on the wall, you really need to put an actual sample up on the wall to get a good feel for how it will actually look in your room.  Lighting, accent furniture, and flooring all play a part in what the color will actually look like in your home.

Here are a few rooms in our home that we decided to use white paint in.  Which is your favorite?

Entry Way Board & Batten
Master Bedroom
Living Room



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