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Pantry Remodel- Builder Grade to Butler!

As soon as I finished our mudroom built in’s with a secret door to our pantry, I knew the pantry deserved a glow up to match the marvelous mudroom!  Our pantry was a builder grade pantry with standard shelving.  I wanted to make it more functional, create more space for storage, and hopefully a system to keep things more organized!
This is what the pantry looked like before:

My first step in any process is to use Sketchup to determine my plans.  This saves me trips back and forth to the hardware store, and helps me think out my creative ideas before I actually start building.
Before I even started this project, I knew I wanted to add something a little extra and a little fun, because after all, I’m the “extra is fun” girl.  So I found this beautiful wallpaper from Loomwell, and I KNEW it had to find it’s home in the pantry.

Once the original shelving was tore out, I started framing the new shelving, drawers, and cabinets for the new pantry.  The design that I created has room for 6 drawers for food storage, an appliance tower, a pull out vertical broom storage drawer, and open shelving for other pantry items.  After a million paint samples, I found this beautiful green color that pulls perfectly from the wallpaper.

When building the drawers, I decided I wanted to do something a little different than standard drawers, so I cut out a small indent on the front and ran a wooden dowel across the top, which also doubles as a drawer pull.  For the counter top, I went with a simple butchers block counter and sealed it.  Then, I added open shelving with the most beautiful corbels.

Another thing I wanted in our pantry was a little command center for our family.  I custom cut my Hunters of Happiness logo, and then added a calendar and bins and hooks for our keys, sunglasses and masks.

The hardest part of this entire build was the sliding broom drawer.  I messed up my measurements and the drawer didn’t fit with the drawer hardware, so after wiping up my tears I had to readjust my plans and it turned out better than I could have imagined!
The final step was putting everything back into the pantry, and believe it or not I have EXTRA space!  I organized it with the supplies I purchased earlier (you can see those here).

I am so happy with how this project turned out, and I can’t wait to use it for years to come.  It suits our family’s needs perfectly!


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