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Mudroom Renovation

I’ve been dreaming of our mudroom renovation for months and it’s finally done! Complete with custom built lockers, new door, and shiplap!

Mudroom Before:

Here is the plan for the mudroom:

  1. Vertical shiplap
  2. Custom built in lockers (I use Sketch Up when making my designs)
  3. Upgrade our door that goes into the garage
  4. New light fixture
  5. BONUS- Secret pantry door- I’m so excited for this!

If you’ve been following along in my stories you’ve seen the vertical shiplap fiasco of 2021.  Basically I tried to do shiplap the “cheap way” and save a few bucks. I quickly regretted the decision when I realized how much extra work I had gotten myself into!! After a day of grumbling, I decided to start over and do it the easier way! But I was reminded of two very important principles from this fiasco:
1. Value your time!! Time is money!
2. If something isn’t working, change it! Just because you started something doesn’t mean that you can’t change direction!
I went with tongue and groove shiplap and it went so fast once I learned from my mistake.  Scott and I also framed out this door leading into our kitchen and I am in LOVE.

Shiplap is UP!

Mudroom Built-Ins attempt number two have begun!! The first attempt ended in a very frustrated Elise and a whole lot of time, effort and wood in the trash can.  The bench turned out a million times better and went much faster the second time around! Each opening will fit a drawer (yay) for shoe storage!  And do you see that GORGEOUS 2 inch solid maple bench top? @mortimerwoodwork threw that together for me (if you need a custom table he’s your guy). NEXT up is building the lockers that sit on the back part of the bench.

The Mudroom Built-ins are DONE!! Complete with a SECRET DOOR to the pantry made from my @nieucabinetdoors custom cabinet doors!!  I’m freaking out I love it so much!!! It’s even better than I pictured in my head!!! No more seeing the pantry and all the mess. I still need to paint prep everything, install the baseboards and the crown molding. Then I can paint and install all the gorgeous drawer boxes, locker doors and drawers fronts from @nieucabinetdoors ! I’m so happy I ordered all the drawers and doors custom from them!! The quality is INCREDIBLE and the process was so smooth! I’m SOOOOOO excited to see it all come together!!!!

Adding in the Nieu Cabinet Doors

Time to Paint

And it’s WHITE! I toyed with lots of different color ideas but kept coming back to white because it’s a small space with no windows or natural light! And it’s the first place I walk into our home, I want it to be as bright and welcoming as possible. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with the light fixture.  I’ve still got all the doors and drawer fronts to paint and install!! That will completely transform the space even more!! But do you know what’s next??? Making over the door! I’ve got some crazy ideas!

Sooo, the door didn’t go the way I imagined it.  BUT, I improvised and made a paneled door instead that I really do love.  It isn’t the dutch door I dreamed of, but it is still better than it was before.

Mudroom Renovation Reveal

THE MUDROOM IS DONE! I don’t think I have ever worked harder, planned more and worried as much as this build but EVERY SECOND was WORTH IT!!! Like how is this the same room???? Do you remember the before shot?  Look at all that storage and the secret pantry doors. All the @nieucabinetdoors are so gorgeous!! I’m just sooooo happy!!!!
And I’m wearing my new ‘WORK SHIRT’ that is now live on my shop along with my other spring launches.
Thank you soooo much for cheering me on every step of this long and tedious build!!! I don’t deserve you guys!!


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